Innovative Driver Aid to be shown on NBC’s Today Show

Atlanta, Georgia (July 26, 2005): IdeaSpring, a consumer product development and marketing company, announces that Easy Reach – a seat belt handle™ – will be featured on NBC’s TODAY Show on Tuesday, August 2, 2005. Jim Miller of the “Savvy Senior” and a Today Show contributor, has chosen this innovative device as a representative product in the daily living aids category for the aging population. [Update 8/2/05: Mr. Miller's article "Driving devices to help seniors at the wheel" is now available on the Today show website.]

Designed to allow the driver and passenger alike to have easier access to the shoulder strap of the seat belt, Easy Reach™ is a patent pending product and the brainchild of Raphael Meloul, a prominent medical products design engineer in Norcross, GA. It is a simple one-piece device made of a rubberized plastic. The product is a flexible flap with four built-in snap closures that wraps around the seatbelt shoulder strap. A five-inch loop extends from the flap allowing for an “easier reach” and preventing the strain that is currently inherent in reaching for the shoulder strap.

Beverly Puckett, President of IdeaSpring, said “I’m thrilled that one of IdeaSpring’s customers presented Easy Reach to Mr. Miller and that he chose it from the many daily living aids on the market today.” The unit that will be exhibited is made with a phosphorescent colorant additive that allows the product to literally “glow in the dark” for even easier access at night and low light areas.

Easy Reach is gaining market share in the US and Canada through exposure in medical product catalogues. It also has success as a promotional device in the advertising specialty industry and will be featured in the September Publishers Clearing House magazine.

Manufactured by ADCO Plastics in Marietta, GA, Easy Reach is offered in several colors that blend with the majority of the car interiors. To learn more about Easy Reach and IdeaSpring, click the ENTER logo above.


Beverly Puckett